What’s New With Software as a Service

Although cloud computing has been around for awhile, to average people it is a mysterious entity that simply doesn’t make sense. There are different cloud computing models, including one called Software as a Service or SaaS. In a nutshell, SaaS allows people to subscribe to a desired software and access it without having to download or install the software on their computer.

While the obvious benefit is that the software will not take up valuable disk space on your device, there are also other benefits. For example, in many cases it is much cheaper to subscribe to a software rather than purchase it outright. Additionally, maintenance is seamless – if there is a new version of the software out, you will access it the next time you log in to use it. In other words, there is no need to keep up on any updates. Software as a Service is cost effective, secure and convenient.

Fast Residential Fiber Going Strong at Fiber House

Kansas City’s Fiber House was purchased by a startup accelerator company co-founder. It continues to be offered to entrepreneurs, rent free, for one year. Those who have taken him up on the offer have been able to both live and work in the house, which is powered by GoogleFiber. The lightning-fast connection offers 1Gbps speeds and downloads speeds exceeding 150 Mbps.

The Fiber House came after the “Hacker House”,which was the first version. The latter is located just around the corner from the Fiber House. Hacker House also offers rent-free digs for entrepreneurs with the same Google Fiber connection from internet service providers in Sacramento California. Those wishing for a chance to live at FiberHouse must be 18 or over to apply.

Remember The Old Days, And Long Distance Telephone Charges?

If you were around in the 1980s, you no doubt remember long distance phone calls. Back then, for those who were not yet born, we didn’t have the internet or cell phones. One man who owned an employment recruiting agency remembers how expensive it used to be to call long distance calls. His company recruited employees for companies all across the country and he had ten recruiters working for him during this time. He said that long distance calls were his biggest single expense. He spent over $10,000 a month on long distance alone!

It’s hard to believe when you look at just how the internet has changed the world. Today, people can talk online in digital quality sound to anyone, no matter where they are in the world. People can talk for as long as they want and it costs them absolutely nothing but a monthly connection fee, and sometimes not even that. People now also communicate through email, instant message programs, texting and via social sites. There is no doubt about it. Communication is one of many ways that internet service has benefited us.


ISP Revenue Not Getting Lower, But Skyrocketing

Broadband’s market revenues continue to increase each year by approximately seven percent annually. And analysts are forecasting that wireline broadband services like cable and DSL will be earning over $520 billion by 2018. Which form of internet connection will be most popular with consumers by then is unclear. However, fiber to the home was proven to be a big reason for high revenue numbers experienced by the industry last year.

Fiber to the home revenue grew a whopping 24%, which far exceeds the growth of either cable or DSL, which each experienced only six and two percent growth respectively. Experts expect current trends for all connections, including those from Internet Service Providers in Atlanta Georgia to continue. This is because a majority of operators have been trying to attract a larger market share by offering lower prices to customers.


Internet Service Impacts Lives

Some people may not feel the internet offers them anything of value. But those who feel that way are becoming fewer and fewer. Whether you like it or not, several changes have taken place over the past decade or more, thanks to internet companies. For example, newspapers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many cities are without a major newspaper in physical form. Other papers have shrunk in size because an increasing number of people are getting their news online. Therefore, more advertisers spend their ad budgets on internet promotions! Can you remember the last time you received a 500 page catalog via snail mail? Why should ISPs spend the money to print and mail a catalog, when they can put an entire catalog online and update it daily? Like it or not, the internet has changed all of our lives.


Why Is Dial-Up Slower Than DSL?

Before you think that there’s an easy answer to why DSL is a faster internet connection than dial-up, think about a question that was recently raised: how can two connections differ so greatly in speed when both of them utilize a phone line? The answer is that it’s all about the signal. If you remember the beginnings of mainstream internet usage, then you remember how your dial-up modem screeched as it connected to the internet. That dial-up connection used the same narrow frequency as the one used by your home phone, and so transmitted data at the same speed. But DSL uses a separate, but faster frequency in the same line. This is what allows you to surf at high speed and talk on the phone. All that needs to be added is a simple frequency splitter to your line.


Enhance Your Life With Internet Service

The internet has certainly changed our lives for the better. We can now pay our bills online, do our banking and investing, shop, conduct research, make all sorts of travel-related reservations, do business, and even obtain advanced university degrees. We download books and music online, and keep our photos and music safely saved in the cloud with our important documents. Internet service is no longer a luxury; it is a must-have in today’s society. And you can determine who the top internet service providers in your area are so that you can get the right connection to meet your needs as well as your budget.


The Benefits Of DSL Providers

Most ISPs today also offer telephone service. Many of the big internet companies, in fact, were in the telephone business long before there was internet. That may be one reason why DSL is one of the most common means for people to get online. DSL uses existing phone lines, which means no poking holes in the walls. But DSL is different than dial-up connections, in a few important ways. The first is that when you are online using DSL, this connection won’t interfere with incoming our outgoing phone calls. Secondly, DSL is always “on.” Last but not least, DSL is much faster than dial-up. Using the latest technology, DSL can actually be up to 35 times faster than dial-up. This additional speed means web pages that download without having to wait, which makes spending time online much more enjoyable.


Multilingual Internet Service Easy With This Resource

There are many reasons to choose high speed internet service providers for your connection. For example, did you know that your broadband service is capable of doing much more than simply allowing you to surf the internet? It can actually help you to do this in several languages. Multilingual environments can be a reality for anything you may be looking at or looking up online. You can get something called IM Translator as a Firefox add-on. IM Translator transforms any broadband connection into a complete multilingual tool. This tool allows for communication with anyone, regardless their native tongue. It also assists speech writers with translating for their intended audiences.


DSL Is Not Only Reliable And Cheap, But It’s Also Expanding

DSL is probably the most subscribed-to internet connection in the United States. And that is not difficult to understand, because DSL is available in both large and small cities as well as rural areas, thanks to fiber optics. DSL employs existing telephone lines, but uses a different signal for the Internet. DSL uses a higher frequency that does not interfere with the part of your telephone line that transmits voice calls. One of the main benefits of DSL is that it is available around the clock. It also provides much faster speeds for the transfer of data, which means you can get a high-speed connection with DSL. This means it’s much easier to download web pages and transfer documents online. Because DSL is so widely available, it is also one of the cheapest ways to connect to the internet;  another reason it is so popular.


Find Out If DSL Providers Can Service Your Household By Checking With Your Zip Code

It can be very stressful to research and figure out where to turn to sign up for something like broadband service. Perhaps you’ve tried calling various providers, only to discover that they don’t offer a connection at your address. Or maybe you’ve already visited lots of individual providers’ sites, only to be let down by the amount of time you’ve put in and the lack of results you received. However, there are really useful online resources now which compile information for several providers, including what their current discount offers are. A good guide will also help to educate you on the technologies available, as well as help you pinpoint the right DSL providers by zip code speed for your specific lifestyle. Checking online enables you to determine availability with top providers as well as lets you save time.

Will Internet Service Over Television Kill Cable Forever?

Is there a secret service in the works that would allow channel subscriptions with just an internet connection? If the rumors are true, then yes. Apparently, Sony is working on just this type of service. Customers could subscribe using nothing more than their game console or television set. Adding even more fuel to the rumor is the fact that Viacom, owner of MTV, Comedy Central and a host of other channels, may be close to closing a deal with Sony that would see the former’s programming being offered online to the latter’s devices and ultimately, the consumer.

If confirmed, this agreement would be the first time that a network owner has entered into a deal with a technology company as opposed to a traditional television provider. Although both companies declined to comment on whether or not the rumors were true, one company source didn’t deny them. But Sony isn’t the only one trying to invent television’s future. Several other technology and internet service companies are trying to finish up projects in order to meet an end-of-year launch deadline. Fueling the demand, say experts, could very well be the younger generation who may be far less willing to jump through the hoops set up by cable companies than older customers.

100k Users Have Downloaded New Browser From Pirate Bay Via Internet Providers

A new browser that circumvents the censorship applied by some governments to web sites has turned out to be far more popular than its creators ever expected. The Pirate Browser, launched just three days ago by The Pirate Bay, a notorious bittorrent tracking site now boasts around one-hundred thousand users. In fact, the sheer volume of downloads reached fever pitch at over 1,00p per hour, causing The Pirate Bay to have to upgrade the connection attached to the download link for the browser.

The PirateBrowser allows access to web sites that some governments and their internet providers would normally block. Some of these countries include Ireland, Finaland, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, North Korea, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. It uses several components to do this, including Tor, a brand of open network software and the portable version of FireFox. However, this also means that the PirateBrowser does not allow any user to surf anonymously, something that it states specifically. A spokesperson for The Pirate Bay stated that making the PirateBrowser completely anonymous would slow down the browsing experience for users. The new browser is currently only available for Windows users, but will soon be releasing versions for Mac as well as Linux users.

We Can Go To Vegas Without Ever Leaving Home: Anthropologist

Those of us who dream of a big city with bright lights in the middle of the desert may not have to ever travel there to experience the feeling. This is because the feeling is as close as our computers, according to one anthropologist, who says all we have to do is log onto Facebook. And the statistics show just how interested people have become in the social media giant: apparently, eleven percent of all of the time we devote to the internet is spent on Facebook. But does this mean we truly love becoming lost for hours at time on social media sites?

Not necessarily, says Natasha Schull, the anthropologist who conducted a study into Las Vegas; specifically, its slot machines. According to Schull, it’s the ‘machine zone‘, a loop which sees slot machine players entering into an infinite loop of pushing the button and seeing something slightly different happen each time you do. When in this zone, time, the sense of monetary value and many other things simply become moot. However, as safe and secure as the ‘machine zone’ can make so many slot players feel, at the conclusion of slot machine activity is often sadness and disappointment for players.

DSL Providers By Zip Code Vs. Cable ISPs

Looking for a new internet connection? Then you might be thinking that cheaper is the way to go. And DSL certainly helps with that, as it is currently the most affordable form of residential internet that’s available. DSL is usually provided by a company who also provides phone service. If you already have an account with a telephone provider, you may wish to check and see whether or not they also offer DSL. If they do, then all it takes is to make your request and then be connected. DSL can offer comparable speeds to cable internet, without the need to run cables throughout a home, as DSL uses existing phone lines.

For customers wanting something faster, it may be necessary to move to another kind of service, such as cable internet. However, this internet type can be more expensive than DSL providers by zip code, simply because higher speeds are offered, and cable internet must be run into a home, incurring installation fees. In addition, cable internet’s coverage may be more than that of DSL, although it is difficult to tell with so many companies rolling out new infrastructure in order to meet increasing internet demand.

What Are Your Options For Wireless Internet Service?

Wireless internet has become the new everyday way for internet users worldwide to get online. Wireless frees us from the cords that used to keep us at one desk, and allows us to roam virtually anywhere inside or out of a home that we wish and get online with our laptop, tablet or mobile phone. But many of us wonder about the best ways to get a wireless connection. If a connection isn’t available in a home, one can always head to the nearest public area that has Wi-Fi. This could be a local bus station or café.

But inside a home, a wireless connection is created with the use of a wireless router. You simply connect your computer to an internet modem, and then connect the wireless router to the internet modem. For devices like a laptop, you can set it to automatically detect your home wireless connection so that you don’t have to enter in any passwords; you only need to enter in the password to the wireless network once and set your device to remember your wireless internet service login details. And the best news about wireless internet is that routers can be very affordable, with many of them being available on sites like Kijiji.


One Of Internet Service Providers In Atlanta Georgia Announces Single-Mode Phones

A big player in Atlanta’s internet arena has announced it will be using single-mode LTE devices in 2014. Verizon, one of several internet service providers in Atlanta Georgia can now boast an LTE coverage of ninety-five percent of its current footprint for 3G. This would mean the same coverage, but at a cheaper cost for devices.

The goal of the company is to be able to reuse its spectrum for other things, which getting rid of its CDMA network would give it incentive to do. However, owners of 3G devices need not panic; the phase-out would occur over several years, and with the number of customers that are currently using 3G devices, it would make no sense to stop supporting them.  So perhaps by the end of the decade would be when these new devices could be phased in.

Internet Service Providers Not Always Able To Help With Data Loss

When data gets lost, devices tend to take a back seat, according to research. And while internet service providers may and often do provide security and back up services, nothing is one hundred percent loss-proof. Surprisingly, research into data loss revealed that most users miss their lost data than their device in cases where device theft is how data loss occurred.

Over fifty percent of those surveyed for the research indicated that the loss of data was most upsetting, which isn’t surprising, considering the amount of sentimental documents, photos and other information that now resides on our personal devices. The best advice is to back up any data that’s considered to be important using more than one method, and on more than one external device. Of course, this will also mean regularly backing up data on all storage devices.

What Will The Best Internet Provider In My Area Offer Next?

Better Packages From Top ISPsIn response to many consumers demanding more value for their internet access dollar, ISPs around the country as well as the best internet provider in my area are starting to make their deals a little bit sweeter. Package values are increasing, with one company offering concierge-like service and extra channels for those who want just a little bit more from their internet services company.

More speed is another feature that many ISPs are offering their customers these days. In an interesting twist, some companies have also begun to advertise packages for home security monitoring services. Customers of these companies can now use their smart phones to ensure family members arrive home safely. As well, communication can occur with delivery personnel over this wireless link. Also interesting is the fact that a homeowner can lock their front door using only their smart phone. In fact, entire home management of appliances, lighting and other such systems in the home is now possible from some internet companies.

Two-Step Verification Via Internet Providers Coming From Microsoft

Microsoft accounts will begin to be overhauled by the company over the next few days. The overhaul will include a security upgrade that is deemed to be critical. This upgrade will introduce two-step verification, and it aims to help prevent hackers from accessing Microsoft accounts via internet providers. The process resembles that of other major companies like Facebook and Google.

Microsoft had previously used two-step verification for customers using their credit cards at the company’s commerce and Xbox sites, in addition to SkyDrive accounts. Although optional, many are recommending the upgrade, as it will help secure access to your Microsoft account across several platforms which include desktop as well as mobile and the web. Two-step verification makes it difficult to access any account without having both pieces of information that are required to enter.