One Of Internet Service Providers In Atlanta Georgia Announces Single-Mode Phones

A big player in Atlanta’s internet arena has announced it will be using single-mode LTE devices in 2014. Verizon, one of several internet service providers in Atlanta Georgia can now boast an LTE coverage of ninety-five percent of its current footprint for 3G. This would mean the same coverage, but at a cheaper cost for devices.

The goal of the company is to be able to reuse its spectrum for other things, which getting rid of its CDMA network would give it incentive to do. However, owners of 3G devices need not panic; the phase-out would occur over several years, and with the number of customers that are currently using 3G devices, it would make no sense to stop supporting them.  So perhaps by the end of the decade would be when these new devices could be phased in.

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