We Can Go To Vegas Without Ever Leaving Home: Anthropologist

Those of us who dream of a big city with bright lights in the middle of the desert may not have to ever travel there to experience the feeling. This is because the feeling is as close as our computers, according to one anthropologist, who says all we have to do is log onto Facebook. And the statistics show just how interested people have become in the social media giant: apparently, eleven percent of all of the time we devote to the internet is spent on Facebook. But does this mean we truly love becoming lost for hours at time on social media sites?

Not necessarily, says Natasha Schull, the anthropologist who conducted a study into Las Vegas; specifically, its slot machines. According to Schull, it’s the ‘machine zone‘, a loop which sees slot machine players entering into an infinite loop of pushing the button and seeing something slightly different happen each time you do. When in this zone, time, the sense of monetary value and many other things simply become moot. However, as safe and secure as the ‘machine zone’ can make so many slot players feel, at the conclusion of slot machine activity is often sadness and disappointment for players.

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