100k Users Have Downloaded New Browser From Pirate Bay Via Internet Providers

A new browser that circumvents the censorship applied by some governments to web sites has turned out to be far more popular than its creators ever expected. The Pirate Browser, launched just three days ago by The Pirate Bay, a notorious bittorrent tracking site now boasts around one-hundred thousand users. In fact, the sheer volume of downloads reached fever pitch at over 1,00p per hour, causing The Pirate Bay to have to upgrade the connection attached to the download link for the browser.

The PirateBrowser allows access to web sites that some governments and their internet providers would normally block. Some of these countries include Ireland, Finaland, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, North Korea, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. It uses several components to do this, including Tor, a brand of open network software and the portable version of FireFox. However, this also means that the PirateBrowser does not allow any user to surf anonymously, something that it states specifically. A spokesperson for The Pirate Bay stated that making the PirateBrowser completely anonymous would slow down the browsing experience for users. The new browser is currently only available for Windows users, but will soon be releasing versions for Mac as well as Linux users.

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