Will Internet Service Over Television Kill Cable Forever?

Is there a secret service in the works that would allow channel subscriptions with just an internet connection? If the rumors are true, then yes. Apparently, Sony is working on just this type of service. Customers could subscribe using nothing more than their game console or television set. Adding even more fuel to the rumor is the fact that Viacom, owner of MTV, Comedy Central and a host of other channels, may be close to closing a deal with Sony that would see the former’s programming being offered online to the latter’s devices and ultimately, the consumer.

If confirmed, this agreement would be the first time that a network owner has entered into a deal with a technology company as opposed to a traditional television provider. Although both companies declined to comment on whether or not the rumors were true, one company source didn’t deny them. But Sony isn’t the only one trying to invent television’s future. Several other technology and internet service companies are trying to finish up projects in order to meet an end-of-year launch deadline. Fueling the demand, say experts, could very well be the younger generation who may be far less willing to jump through the hoops set up by cable companies than older customers.

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