Another Idea To Curb Piracy Via Internet Service Providers In St. Louis Missouri

Among the talk regarding copyright infringement via file piracy and file sharing via internet service providers in St. Louis Missouri and other ISPs, another idea has emerged from a search giant. Google, according to reports is currently investigating a new way to stem the flow of pirated material: starvation. The company has allegedly joined forces with other major players like PayPal and Visa in an attempt to halt the supply of money to sites that engage in link hosting with sites that offer copyrighted pirated material.

Google very well may be following the lead of financial companies who ceased the ability to donate to whistle-blowing site Wikileaks two years ago. After this was completed, it appears that the site’s operation was severely weakened, although the site is still in operation. Google’s timing is considered to be in line with accusations from critics that it isn’t properly dealing with pirated material.

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